ICONIC DESIGN : Land Rover Defender

In our books, this British four-wheel-drive is one of the most iconic SUV ever. 


Orginally called Land Rover Ninety and then Land Rover One Ten, it is one of the many Land Rover series that initially launched in June 1948. Even though the Defender has been assembled under 4 different manufacturer ownerships, its soul and unique design remained almost intact for 67 years. On January 29th 2016, the Last Defender rolled out off the production line at 09:22. 


Spotted in English Harbour at the Antigua Sailing week 2017


Built in many configurations ( 3-door 4x4, 5-door 4x4, 2-door pickup, 3-door van) and using various powertrains from 2.25L 4 cylinders diesels to 3.5L petrol V8's, driving one of those would make you feel invicible crawling on ruff terrain. 




The Defender has had many vocations, from the bourgeois grocery-getter to the militarised version used in various warefares. The British police has used their services for many years and it is still used in many countries as Task force unit vehicules. 


The remote-controlled  ''Panama'' Defender has also saved many lifes using it's ground-penetration radar to find IEDs for the Bristish Army. 


The bottom line is that we love it and we want some more ! It's a great design, the boxy features screams functions over form; it's brute, sexy and it will take you wherever you want. 





Here is some special eye candy for you : 
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