About our Watches

Modern Classics featuring a minimalist silhouette refined by the influence of Functionalism, Modernism and Bauhaus movement. The Armare essence can be found in various details, illustrating the panache one would expect from our timepieces. Designed carefully to maintain its beauty effortlessly. Timeless for every wrist, for every generation.

Clean lines, symmetry and exclusive Armare pattern were created with great respect toward the golden ratio and geometric relationship of the Fibonacci series. The relation behind design aesthetics and these geometrical ratios reveal a connection apparent to the eye and clear with one another to keep a perpetual elegance.

Stainless Steel

Armare timepieces feature only high-end components and materials to withstand time with grace. Our watch cases and hardware are made of hand polished 316L Stainless Steel, which is the same low carbon steel used for marine and surgical grade steel. The robust material will keep your timepiece unscathed for the years to come.


Our distinctive ceramic dial with hand applied and polished markers is protected by a domed sapphire crystal glass, which is the second strongest jewel on the Mohs mineral hardness scale, second only to the diamond. Using sapphire crystal make the face of your watch virtually scratch-proof and highly durable while the gleaming effect of the domed glass makes staring hard to resist. 

Watch Bands

Our bespoke selection of watch bands are made with the finest Italian leathers and lined with waterproof nubuck. Our collection also features other interesting material such as Scottish wool tweed, fine suede leather, and durable 316L stainless mesh watch bands.

Matching your outfit with your spare watch band has never been easier, all our straps are assembled with a quick-release system. Our watch bands are tailor-made to Armare high-quality standards and feature our signature strap end cut. 

Swiss Movements

All our watches uses swiss made and assembled movements which have the highest quality standard on the market. Our assembly quality insure the longevity and accurate time keeping of your timepiece throughtout the years, with hopes that you hand it over to the next generation.