Armare Affiliate Partner Program

Earn revenue and join the lifestyle.

What began as a simple affiliate program quickly became something bigger: a family. Our affiliate partners generate revenue for themselves by placing Armare links and banners on their site and sharing it on their social platforms with the photo of their choice. The concept is simple: earn 5% of every sale you bring to Armare, while giving your audience an exclusive price advantage when buying from you.

Why join Armare Affiliate Program?

Becoming an official Armare Affiliate Partner gives you the opportunity to earn revenue doing what you love. Unlike the normal pay per post model that influencers normally work with, our affiliate model gives you the ability to generate more revenues and choose how much you want to make. 

How will Armare help support your efforts?

  • Every season, we provide updated links and photos for Armare products, watches and limited edition styles.
  • We keep you informed with a monthly email newsletter featuring updates, new product announcements, exclusive events for partners, and best techniques to help you earn revenue.

Getting started is easy: If accepted, just cut and paste our links on your website or social media, with the picture of your choice and start earning commissions on every shipped sale.

Apply online by emailing